Surf poncho, what's better after great sessions ?

This week we received our new collection of surf poncho VIANNEY. A style that completes all ranges of the brand, the Poncho is one of the essential parts that was missing in your equipment!

The newest collection of surf poncho has just arrived:
The Poncho VIANNEY, in a spirit winter, with navy blue and red interior that retakes the style of our top neoprene VIANNEY.

For this new product, the entire SAINT JACQUES team relied on a set of testimonials, based on existing products, and evaluated the need to create a Poncho that adapted to all types of uses.

Have you ever known the problem of the beach towel around your size in order to change yourself? And of course the towel that falls or flies off once in two [Laughs].

Surf Poncho, make it easy after the session! 

Its ease of threading and its ample size will allow you to change without any trouble. Its 100% absorbent cotton composition (380g m2) will be an excellent ally against cold and water so that you can fully enjoy your after-session without the need for a towel or catching cold. The surf Poncho can also be used for all other activities related to water. Even out of the swimming pool this will keep you warm and dry, and maybe even have the style!



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