Saint Jacques was born in the South of France in 2016 from the desire to offer a stylish alternative to a standardized world of wetsuits .

Saint Jacques has, for the first time, successfully transposed urban street fashion (polo shirts, stripey jerseys, tank tops) using new technologies to pattern neoprene wetsuits . Our innovative collections are designed in France , using premium materials to achieve perfect and practical cuts as well as refined finishes.

More than a trend the Saint Jacques ‘ Wet à Porter ‘ motto is a philosophy and a way of life.

When Walter de Castro had worn his wetsuit until it was threadbare, he started on a journey to find an original or retro style replacement. “No wetsuit stroke my attention besides some cool but unwearable 70’s or 80’s wetsuits…I found that the style options that dominated the market was limited and totally stuck in time with mainly black or bright coloured wetsuits”.
Since then, Walter decided to fix this by adding some style and personality to wetsuits offering so he could then wear what he likes!

He teamed up with Stan Bresson for whom the sea was already his playing and working field. Stan divided his time between the developments of kitesurf equipment and his passion for this sport. “I liked Walter’s idea, I already worked in the neoprene industry and I could totally relate to Walter’s “Wet à Porter “ vision.

These two men were on a holy mission: to design and market wetsuits that would be beautiful and comfortable. Walter manages artistic creation and Stan brand development.

The name 'Saint Jacques' was obvious to us. It means 3 essential criteria: In relation with the sea / In French but not only ... / High-end premium and a little retro touch.

The concept is a hit, the team grows up really fast as the neoprene range.

Xavier Dorange, longtime friends and partner of Surftrip he is involved in digital development.

Oscar Berthemet joined the team in work-study programme. Surf, Kite, Paddle he's a very verstaile rider. He is now working on the visual and commercial development of the brand.

A team of passionate riders spreads the value of the brand and develops tomorrow's products. Their particularity? A great spirit and a lot of versatility. Take a look at the family, and it's still missing some.

You have understood, Saint Jacques is above all a human adventure at human scale!

Because the list is endless, we are incubated at the Business Innovation Center of Montpellier city. With other innovative company like our friends from Sportihome and Spotyride.

Banks and institutions also trust us in our development.

There are no private investors and all our decisions are made in house, so we can control our growth and always keep this notion of pleasure and high-quality service first.

We thank you all but stay tuned, there is a lot more to come!


The main points you have to remenber about Saint Jacques:

# A concept of innovative products in a highly standardized market.

# A passionate team that rides, listens and moves forward.

# A brand that does not focus on a single discipline but is aimed at SUP, shortboard, longboard, kiteboard, winsdurf, foil, bodyboard, bodysurf ... Besides, we will soon talk about sailing;)

# A philosophy that promotes pleasure more than performance. No bullshit marketing, transparent and frank communication.

# A human-sized company in contact and attentive to riders

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