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Saint Jacques was born in the South of France in 2016 from the desire to offer a stylish alternative to a standardized world of wetsuits. Saint Jacques transposes classic fashion to neoprene with advanced-design thinking and no compromises on performances.

This idea came from a very simple statement. As the wetsuits technology evolved over the years, allowing surfers to venture into colder temperatures, the stylish good old days look of the first watermen was long gone. At Saint Jacques, we claim that the wetsuits on the market don’t have to be either black or bright colored ones.

Saint Jacques has, for the first time, successfully transposed urban street fashion (polo shirts, stripey jerseys, tank tops) using new technologies to pattern neoprene wetsuits. Our innovative collections are designed in France, using premium materials to achieve perfect and practical cuts as well as refined finishes.

More than a trend the Saint Jacques ‘ Wet à Porter ‘ motto is a philosophy and a way of life.

The time has come: Let’s add style to performance.

Since its launch we have been building on the success earned from professional riders endorsements as well as watersports enthusiasts and now, we bring some French touch to all ocean lovers  regardless their sports or the water temperature! Now you can perform riding a wave, enjoy paddling across a lake, kitesurf your soul away or simply smile watching the sunset goes down wearing one of our premium “wet-a-porter” wetsuits.

The founders

Walter de Castro

Walter de Castro is the open-minded, jack-of-all-trades mastermind Frenchman behind the Saint Jacques Wetsuits project. He is a producer, designer, writer, composer, craftsman, dreamer and above all a mere player of his own existence.

An existence filled with the sound of waves, the beauty of nice swells and a strong desire to pursue his passion for surfing that started when he was 12 years old.

Surfing has since then shaped his life and now the time has come for his keen artistic eyes to shape our wetsuits with elegance and comfort.


Stan Bresson

A man with azure blue eyes and sun-kissed hair, Stan has been sailing with the wind and the waves since his earliest childhood. His quasi-mystical dedication for kite surfing forces him to live near the sea where he has alternatively been working in innovative sports brands for nearly 20 years.

Today on special mission as the executive soul of Saint Jacques he preaches a right to the difference. A long-term mission that requires dedication and unconditional commitment.

our journey so far

When Walter de Castro had worn his wetsuit until it was threadbare, he started on a journey to find an original or retro style replacement. “No wetsuit stroke my attention besides some cool but unwearable 70’s or 80’s wetsuits…I found that the style options that dominated the market was limited and totally stuck in time with mainly black or bright coloured wetsuits”.

Since then, Walter decided to fix this by adding some style and personality to wetsuits offering so he could then wear what he likes!

He teamed up with Stan Bresson for whom the sea was already his playing and working field. Stan divided his time between the developments of kitesurf equipment and his passion for this sport. “I liked Walter’s idea, I already worked in the neoprene industry and I could totally relate to Walter’s  “Wet à Porter “ vision.

These two men were on a holy mission: to design and market wetsuits that would be beautiful and comfortable.

On a warm and sunny day of April 2016, PAULO, NOE and SPENCER were born.  This was the beginning of the Saint Jacques family.
To keep up with the sheer demand we opened 15 point of sales in 7 different countries .

The JEANNE skirted-suit launched during summer 2017 was our first women wetsuit followed a few months later by LISA our women full wetsuit for colder waters.
In September 2017, we launched the STAN and then the VICTOR, our first full wetsuits to answer our fans’ request to wear our wetsuits during the winter season. We also created the first neoprene chapka  (YURI) for all kind of watersport activities.
Innovation fuels Saint Jacques development since the very start and will continue to do so in the years to come.

2018 is going to be a real roller coaster for the Saint Jacques team as we continue our mission to spread the aquatic chic gospel.

Let’s cultivate the right to ride comfortable and in style. Come on in and join the wetsuit evolution.

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