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Long sleeve shorty  3-2mm

The “Jeanne” piece for women is a skirted long sleeve zipped top wetsuit. The first swimsuits of the 1920s and the Tennis women outfits that appeared in the 60’s were great sources of inspiration for the Saint Jacques design team. Its sober and classic design is the result of a long development process in order to meet the specific technical constraints imposed by Stand Up Paddle, Surf, Kite and water sports in general.

Entirely made of neoprene 2 and 3mm Superstretch the “Jeanne” skirted wetsuit provides thermal insulation, abrasion resistance and buoyancy like any other wetsuits.

The long sleeves top has a semi front Zip of 21cm for a long and adjustable neckline, according to your size bust or your mood that day!

Saint Jacques is proud to present its first feminine neoprene wetsuit that will soon become a must-have piece to ride a wave, snorkel or simply walk down the beach in style.

3-2mm neoprene superstrech
Assembly Sewn / Glued (GBS)
Front Zip 15cm
Mini skirt


Size chart