Longjoh Wetsuit Neoprene 3mm

3mm superstretch neoprene
Neoprene water-resistant belt with drawstring
Velcro shoulder strap which can be opened two ways
Boardshort fabric back pocket with lace safety[c]
Glued and Blindstitched seams (GBS)
Logo embroidered soft doubled
Water drain holes in each calf
Compressed neoprene ankle trim

Please note that our sizes are rather small. To make sure you order the correct size please refer to our size chart.

For water temperatures of 17 to 24°


Size chart

"so unique  !"

Juergen S. Austria

« J'utilise le long john en complément de la veste Spencer. L'ensemble est très modulaire».

Victor N. Lacanau

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Slim pants, a belt and a tank top combined to give the illusion of a casual streetwear outfit.

A combined tank top 3mm neoprene pants with demarcation belt and integrated lace. Very popular with longboarders and oldschool surfers this combination offers a perfect ease for paddling and good thermicity by covering almost the entire body. A play that will be difficult to do without you when you adopted it.

Like a second skin, our neoprene being extremely stretchy, it adapts to your body. When worn you must feel a shaping sensation to take advantage of all the characteristics of the material. Once in the water the neoprene will tend to relax.

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